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Robert Mangaoang
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Payment Policy
All payment options will be processed through Paypal or Stripe. Privacy and confidentiality of payment info and shipping addresses will be upheld by PayPal,  Stripe and Squarespace. This shop and shop owner will not see nor keep records of full CC numbers. Currency from other countries other than U.S. will be converted to USD by Stripe.

Shipping Policy
Items will be sent via USPS First Class or USPS Priority Mail (Only for heavy items such as framed artwork) within 5 days of receiving payment. U.S. and International customers will receive a Delivery Confirmation or Customs Tracking number through email. Shipping will be appropriately labeled. Posters will be wrapped in newsprint and placed in a thick Yazoo craft mailing tube with newspaper on either end for cushion. Mailing tube will also be labeled "FRAGILE" for extra precaution. Products are available to all countries unless stated otherwise. Shop owner is not responsible for damages caused by USPS employees.

Return Policy
All sales are final unless determined otherwise. Please contact me and explain any damage caused by USPS. This shop is not responsible for damage caused by USPS employees during shipping. If your print gets damaged, send a message to me via my contact information. Once verified that the print is damaged you can send it back via USPS First Class and I'll refund the cost of shipping through Paypal or Stripe. When I receive it I will send a print back. I will take as much precautions as I can in packaging to prevent damage.

Artwork Information
This shop contains all original artwork copyrighted by Robert Mangaoang aka Doom CMYK owner of Paperland Studio ©2018. All fan art are done in parody of the original characters and not copied from any source. All of my art are made from tools both physically and digitally by my own hands. Copyrighted characters - Rights are reserved by the owners of their intellectual properties.